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Our website is not new to the concept of online dating. We have millions of users across the globe. Our website has an unmatched global reach. With the advanced technology and 24/7 active customer support, our website offers an unbeatable dating experience to our users and lets them enjoy the romance with anyone across the globe. We aim at connecting singles to their desired partners. Our website is straight and direct and very easy to use.

Online dating nowadays is considered easier and convenient than real life dating. These dating sites are an easy platform for those who lack time to find dates and meet new people in person. It is also a benefit to introverts and shy people. It is more convenient for people who are awkward and socially shy as they can get to know the person first and make conversations online. This way they can open up and meet up in person when they are ready.

Get successful in online dating.

Not everyone is confident to talk to new people. There are some people who feel online dating has helped them build back their confidence. There are many risks in using dating websites. Not everyone has a good experience with dating websites. On our side, we make sure to provide you a convenient and good dating experience. Our customer support team is available 24/7 at your service and they have solutions to all the issues you face in the website.

Why is our website the best option for you?

Internet now is full of dating websites. Most of the dating websites are free. But you still have to decide on which website to choose. Our website has a 24/7 customer support service that helps our customers at every point. You can call on our toll-free any time of the day. There are other options too available to contact our Customer Support team. You can call, email or live chat with them and they will provide you the best responses.

Terms and Policies of our Website.

To maintain the decency of the website and the safety of its users, we have a set of simple conditions that every user has to follow. Our website is completely free for all the users. Go through the terms and conditions of the website mentioned below to better understand about it. Make sure you abide by all the policies of the website.

  • You should fill all the details accurately. There should not be any wrong details mentioned while creating the website. If any personal details mentioned are not true and fake, the account will be taken as a fake or fraud account. Such an account would be blocked and deleted from the website.
  • There should be no nudity in the pictures. The website has a strict policy to maintain the decency of the website. No picture should promote or show nudity, animal abuse or any offensive content that is unlawful.
  • The users are not allowed to be rude or insulting to other users. Other users have the option to report such a user. If the website is noticed any such users, their account is blocked and deleted.
  • One user can have just one account with our website. All the details have to be true and nothing fake is tolerated on our website. So such an account would be immediately deleted.

The advantage of using our Online Dating Website

  • Every user has a lot of options. Our website matches users having similar interests and personalities. Even if a thing does not work out with one person, you can start a conversation with another person.
  • It is easy to start conversations online. Even if for people who are socially awkward and shy, chatting is a convenient option. You can talk to your match for a couple of days and get comfortable with them and meet them when you are comfortable.
  • It is not heavy on your budget. Instead of going out on a couple of dates to get to know the person, you can do it online which won’t cost you at all.
  • Online dating requires patience. Things may not work between your first match but you will eventually get lucky. You just need to handle the dating well and it will get better.

Technical Issues that the users face.

There are some common technical issues that users face while using our dating website. The customer support team makes it simple to handle such problems and provides solutions to it. All you have to do is call them. You can also find solutions to the problems below on our helpdesk.

  • Unable to send or receive messages.
  • Problems regarding spam or fake accounts.
  • Connecting to your account.
  • Unable to upload pictures, modify bio or the pictures uploaded.

Our customer support team provides instant solutions, contact them for any issues. They have all the training to make your dating experience easier and convenient.

Technical Support Helpline Number

There is no restriction to when you can call us. Whenever you face any problem, feel free to call. The customer support team works 24/7. Your phone calls are answered immediately by the customer support team and instant solutions are provided. It is advised to call immediately for assistance. Most of the solutions are provided in the FAQs and helpdesk but if you still are not satisfied, you can call anytime, there is no bar on what time to call for help.

Customer Care via Email and Chat support.

There is another way to reach us. You can drop an email from your email account registered with the account. You can also live chat with our executives in the chat room. Instant solutions will be provided both ways.

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